We respect that you’re on a budget! So here are some great ways to save while protecting your home properly from weather damage.

Color schemes and Accents

Choosing new colors can be really exciting, but keep your budget in mind to steal some big savings!

For the lowest price, match your current colors or paint the home monotone (1 color everywhere)

Some types of siding are a little different.

If the bottom of your siding is rotting, here’s an inexpensive trick to avoid replacing the entire wall!

Another way to save is to consider your timing.

Painting is a maintenance necessity because it protects homes from moisture. Since every home needs fresh paint, may as well protect it before carpentry and wood replacements become a requirement too!

Hardy siding absorbs moisture and it cracks when the old paint deteriorates and gets thinner. Corner cracks like this cause boards to fall off the house. You may see cracks down the middle of the boards on your home instead.

Replacing siding boards during a paint job is very expensive. Try to paint before you see this on your home.

It's not a big deal if water comes through a few cracks, right?

How Will I Know When It's Time To Paint?

Run a fading test. If it fails, you're several years overdue.

Don't let this be you. This price was > $1k higher than it would've been had we been able to paint before all this prep work needed to be done.

Our goal is always to offer fair rates, but there are certain ways we'll never go about achieving lower prices.

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